Alaska fly fishing lodge accommodations vary widely. The Lodge at 58* North is the newest luxury lodge in Bristol Bay and it shows. Our guest cabins are modern, clean and beautifully appointed. The maximum number of guests we like to have at the lodge any given week is eight. That allows us to give each of our guests the maximum service and quality experience.

Each of our guest cabins contain private baths, separated sleeping and a comfortable seating area and each has a riverfront view of the stunning Naknek River.

Quizz’s Cabin

As you know we love dogs; our dogs, your dogs, all the dogs. So when the previous lodge owner lost his faithful companion a month before our Alaska fly fishing lodge purchase and buried her in front of this cabin to watch over the river and guard the property for all days, we knew we had to also memorialize the cabin and name it after the good dog, Quizz. This used to be the owner’s cabin so we gutted it and created two bedrooms, each with a queen bed and a twin bed, two private bathrooms and a shared seating area adorned it with Bristol Bay photos taken by Cassie Bergman. It is more like a suite than a cabin, really. Our guests really enjoy this space overlooking the river and watching the landscape from up high.

Alaska fly fishing lodge

Quizz's Cabin: Right Side Bedroom

Alaska fly fishing lodge

Quizz's Cabin Shared Seating Area

Quizz's Cabin Left Side Private Bathroom

Quizz's Cabin: Right Side Private Bathroom

Alaska fly fishing lodge

Quizz's Left Side Private Bedroom

Cabin Two: The Gray Willow

We are excited to share with you our photos of Cabin Two: Gray Willow named after the willows, also called Bebb’s Willow, that line our riverbanks in front of the cabins. Two queen beds share this space, one upstairs and one downstairs allowing privacy for both guests. There is a comfortable modern seating area to take in the grand river views while sipping coffee or reading that novel you’ve been putting off. The bathroom has two vanities, a large shower and a water efficiency toilet.

Cabin 2 Main Sleeping

Cabin 2 Sitting Area

Cabin 2 Private Bathroom

Cabin 2 Loft Bedroom

Cabin Four: The Yellow Birch

We are so thrilled to share with you the updates to Cabin Four, The Yellow Birch. This cabin sits privately looking over the river and has two queen beds, one in a private loft upstairs accessible via stairs and one queen bed on the main level sweetly tucked into the back of the cabin. This cabin has a private bath with plenty of room for two guests to share the space while feeling they have room and privacy. Please enjoy these new photos.

Cabin 4

Cabin 4 Seating Area

Cabin 4 Main Bedroom