Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

Alaska silver salmon fishing is some of the best fishing one can experience with us in Bristol Bay. Coho range on average from about 8 to 12 pounds. Hard-hitting takes, voracious fights, and beautiful fillets to take home are some of the benefits of fishing for silvers with us in August and September.

Silvers differ from kings because they are without the black spots on the lower lobe of their tail that is a king attribute and also by their white gums. Spawning adult coho have dark backs and heads with maroon to reddish sides. Males can develop a kype, when their nose begins to hook.

When it comes to coho fishing, we use use a variety of tactics depending on where we fish.  Depending on the timing and area opportunities, we may fish our home water the Naknek, or we could fly out to the Alagnak, or Nushgak River or any number of streams in the Becharof or Ugashik river systems.

When fishing for Alaska silver salmon right from our lodge on the Naknek River, we run our quality Willie river boats fairly close to the lodge.

When we fly out to fish silvers, we can spot fish from our airplane and choose to land based on fish findings. Guests love this experience!

Alaska of our silver salmon fishing tactics are hands on. We may fish with fly rods casting streamers or topwater flies. Sometimes we use spinning rods with spinners, jigs and topwater lures. All of theses methods are a blast and abundant coho are a great target salmon species to enjoy.

Guests are invited to take home salm0n fillets for their freezer. In following with our pledge to give the highest quality service in all departments, our team will handle your fish with the maximum care to ensure your take home fish is top quality and long lasting.

Alaska silver salmon

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