This Naknek fishing report looks at the fishing for Sockeye, kings, Coho and rainbow trout from The Lodge at 58° North during the 2022 season.

Sockeye Salmon

The Sockeye salmon fishing on the Naknek was nothing short of spectacular in 2022.  We saw our first major push June 23rd with over 47,000 sockeye swimming directly past our lodge on their way upstream. The fish kept coming through the end of July with nearly two million Sockeye counted. We saw 15 days with escapement over 50,000 fish per day!

On the Naknek River, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game operates a counting tower. The tower is operated by technicians who visually count the migrating sockeye salmon as they swim along the shore.

Chinook Salmon

The king salmon returns on the Naknek were noted as fair in 2022. We still had some great days on the water.  Trolling was productive just downstream from the lodge. Those who were interested in fly fishing for king salmon had some fun on short runs up Big Creek, a Naknek River tributary.

Coho Salmon

We caught our first Naknek River silver salmon right on time, during the last week of July. Most of our guests chose to fly fish for silvers on the Naknek. We did have some great fishing with spinning gear as well, most fish were caught twitching jigs and casting spinners. Silver fishing on the Naknek was slightly more difficult in 2022 because of unseasonably high water, making many of the Naknek Lake bound silvers bolt through the upper river, rather than take their time and school up in reliable spots.

Naknek Fishing Report

© Cassie Bergman

Rainbow Trout

One highlight of this Naknek fishing report; 2022 may be remembered as the best season for trophy rainbow trout we have ever seen!  Our guests began catching huge rainbow trout during the last week of August and the fishing continued through our last week in mid-October. The Naknek system has seen huge sockeye runs for many years now. The trout population is responding by growing larger than ever.

Learn more about fishing the Naknek River or Katmai National Park and Becharof National Wildlife Refuge fly out streams. If you’re interested in our availability for the upcoming season, contact The Lodge at 58* North.