Alaska Fishing Trips with The Lodge at 58* North

Alaska fishing trips

Join us for the Alaska fishing trip that will inspire and rejuvenate you. Awaken your senses to the wilderness and the chance to escape into creating memories. The Bristol Bay region’s abundance provides opportunities to pursue all five species of salmon, rainbow trout and many more. Explore the species our area has to offer:

Alaska fishing trips


Alaska fishing trips

Silver Salmon

Alaska fishing trips

Rainbow Trout

King Salmon

Alaska fishing trips

Sockeye Salmon

Alaska fishing trips are intended to relax & calm your spirit, and fill you with rejuvenation & renewal. They are also as varied as they are abundant. Here at The Lodge at 58* North, we can generally guarantee a few things. First, you be can assured that you’ll enjoy the people who provide our guest services. You’ll appreciate the lodge environment and the incredible beauty of the Bristol Bay area. And, you’ll have the opportunity to fish for some of the most phenomenal fish in the country. Guests leave us feeling charged, refreshed, and likely elated from the experience.

We are so fortunate to spend half the year in this incredible remote location on one of the most fish-productive bodies of water in Alaska. Gratitude is the word to describe how we feel for the incredible lodge staff, pilot, and guides who make our lodge truly special.

Join us for the Alaska fishing trips that absorb your thoughts when your mind has time to rest and go to that place. We can help you fulfill those dreams. Whether you are interested in the types of salmon we target for sport or you are after your largest rainbow trout ever. The Lodge at 58* North provides a slew of experiences from fly-outs to our home waters. We provide all the gear for an array of fishing styles. Guests are also welcome to bring their own fly or two-hand rods and we can help you get dialed into our fisheries.

The Lodge at 58* North offers the traveler a restorative escape into nature with some of the best freshwater fishing on the planet in the ultimate pristine wilderness setting. Experience thoughtfully curated luxury modern accommodations, culinary excellence, and a team that makes you feel like family.

Whether you dream of catching trophy rainbow trout, fresh salmon, brown bear viewing or beautiful float plane rides over Katmai National Park, our Alaskan adventures inspire and awaken your reverence for the natural world.  At 58* North, our all-inclusive Alaska vacations are perfect for couples, families, and friends.