Alaska King Salmon Fishing

Chinook salmon, also called king salmon, are the most legendary Alaska fish coveted by anglers worldwide. Their extraordinary size ranges from 15- to 35-pounds in Bristol Bay rivers. This often makes them the largest fish many anglers have ever wrestled. Kings challenge the sportsman by fighting hard with powerful runs, cartwheeling jumps, and an immense power that can break line and even straighten hooks. We fish for king salmon on the Naknek, Nushagak and Alagnak River. Our season begins in mid-June on the Nushagak and moves to the Naknek and Alagnak during the month of July. 

Alaska king salmonFishing on the Nushagak and Alagnak requires a short fly-out from our lodge in King Salmon on the Naknek River. A walk down to our dock at the lodge will bring you to our pilot and plane. On the Nushagak we have a camp where our boats are located. On the Alagnak river, we position our boats just above the reach of tide and use them to fish the most productive waters. Trips to the Alagnak in July can also typically include some of the best fishing for fresh chum salmon anywhere in Alaska.

Fishing for king salmon on the Naknek during July begins a few moments from the lodge. Fishing the Naknek for king salmon is typically accomplished by trolling plugs and spinners. We use a few additional methods we have fine-tuned over the years. Along with king salmon, the Naknek also has a huge run of sockeye salmon, so a combination day of sockeye and Alaska king salmon fishing is possible, depending on timing.

Fly Fishing for king salmon is also one of our favorite guest experiences. King salmon can be targeted on the fly with either spey or single hand rods, from the shore as well as from a boat anchored on a productive pool. Our guides know where to find king salmon on the fly at all of our locations. 

For all of our Alaska king salmon fishing destinations, ice is on-board to chill your catch. The weather during king salmon season can vary dramatically, with temperatures as low as the 40’s up to 80 degrees. Icing your catch is critical to maintaining the best quality meat for you to enjoy back at home. The Lodge at 58 North is known to provide the highest quality fish care for the best end product.

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