People often ask, “Where is the best trout fishing in Alaska?” It’s not just where—it’s when. From late September through mid-October in Bristol Bay, you will find the best trout fishing in Alaska, not to mention some incredible char fishing, too

The energy felt during this time of year radiates through our entire team. At The Lodge at 58° North, we reside on one of the world’s best rainbow trout rivers. Plus, we can access some of the best fly fishing for trout throughout Bristol Bay. When we aren’t fishing our prized home water—the Naknek River—our highly experienced pilot, Chris, flies guests directly from the lodge in our private float plane to the famous streams that hold wild and world-class fish. Stunning rainbow trout and vibrant Arctic char are surrounded by picturesque landscapes. You’ll definitely want to bring your camera along to remember the colors of fall in Alaska.

best trout fishing in alaska

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You should visit The Lodge at 58° North THIS October if:

  • You want some of the best opportunities to catch the season’s biggest fish. 
  • Solitude on the river with few people around is your preference.
  • You want to witness scenery like none other— the vibrant fall colors against grand and snow-capped mountain peaks.
  • Viewing spectacular wildlife sounds exciting. Guests often see the most robust bears as they plump up for winter, along with moose and—for a lucky few—even grey wolves on occasion. 
  • You enjoy swinging flies for monster Alaska fish.

Picture This. 

You make the journey from across the country, exposing people to your excitement and joy along the way. You arrive at the King Salmon airport just an hour after the jet departs Anchorage. Then you land in a remote Alaska village, delighted that our noteworthy hospitality begins immediately. 

We whisk you away to the lodge. Along the way, you see that King Salmon, Alaska, is actually a small town. Once you enter our property, however, you set your eyes on the beauty of the Naknek River and our luxury fishing lodge. You’re immediately transported into the 5-star experience you heard about. You and your companion are shown to your private cabin, where everything is elegant and fresh. Private bath accommodations, quality bedding, and fine furnishings are all tied together with hand-selected art and decor. You look around and immediately begin to relax and unwind.

The scenery will take your breath away. From the lodge this time of year, you’ll see fall colors in full effect set against a backdrop of snowcapped mountains with the mighty Naknek at your feet. Standing quietly in these peaceful surroundings can help ground you and let the stress of daily life fade away. Your flight arrival time dictates whether we feed you or start fishing right away, but as you’ll soon find, both experiences are world-class and utterly divine. 

On arrival day, you’ll get situated in your cabin, walk around for a closer look at the river, then head to the main lodge for a cocktail of your choice or a nice glass of wine. Appetizers showcasing Chef Jason’s creativity are just the introduction to the culinary throw-down that’s about to ensue during your stay.

And that’s all before you have the best opportunity to catch the season’s biggest fish. Rainbow trout and Arctic char have been gorging on eggs since mid-summer and have moved onto flesh and imitation patterns. It’s fly-swinging season on the Naknek River and in the streams and creeks of Bristol Bay. Landing one of these monster Alaska fish is the complete icing on the cake of this epic journey. 

Not only are the trout and char fat and happy this time of year but so are the bears! They’ve been gorging on salmon and berries. Like all the critters in Alaska, such as moose and sometimes wolves, they prepare themselves for the long winter ahead.

The temperatures are falling like the leaves started a month prior. You’ll fish secluded rivers, really the best kind of fishing with hardly any other people around. 

If you desire solitude on the water and crazy huge rainbow trout and Arctic char, you should definitely look into coming to see us this fall. We can slide a couple or a group into one of the few spaces have available. One of the best things about fishing with us is the intimate setting we thrive on. We offer our guests a top-quality and authentic experience. 

Call our reservations line at (440)-463-1685 or email if you want to join us for the best trout fishing in Alaska.

best trout fishing in alaska