There are many non-angler activities to enjoy during your visit to The Lodge at 58° North. Flightsee glaciers, volcanoes and towering cliffs, or soar over the mountains of Katmai National Park. Experience the world’s largest salmon migration. Endless salmon rich rivers punctuate miles of spectacular coastline and feed millions of wildlife creatures in the region. Even for the non angler, every day brings a new and exciting adventure.


  • Hiking: There are many wilderness backcountry hikes available. There is a mountain climb at the Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park called Dumpling Mt. It is a 2400 foot summit and a navigable trail. The views from the top of the lakes and rivers are certainly breathtaking.

  • Beach Combing: The beaches of Bristol Bay are known to have Japanese glass ball floats washed up on shore along with shells and other treasures. Fly into a remote beach and comb away!

  • Flight Seeing Tours: Take a flight-seeing tour over miles of majestic coastline, and dozens of glaciers. Additionally you can also check out volcanoes, craters on top of a volcanic cone, or the entire Bay full of commercial fishing boats and beluga whales. The views are undeniably astounding.

  • Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes: One of the geologic wonders of the world the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes offers a chance to explore a landscape created by the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century. The beauty, scale, and mystery of the valley make it one of the best places to study volcanic eruptions and experience the raw power of nature.

Non angler activities


  • Bird Watching: Bristol Bay is an avian crossroads. Four migratory flyways overlap here with birds from Africa, Asia, the Central Pacific and the Americas. They are migrating to and from the region seeking out its diverse habitats and rich resources. Arguably, nowhere else on Earth is so important to so many birds from so many different continents. According to Audubon, Bristol Bay holds 27 globally significant important bird areas and one of the world’s greatest concentrations of seabird colonies. All things considered, the bird watching here is phenomenal.

  • Bear Viewing: The Katmai region of Bristol Bay is the premier brown bear viewing area in the world. Especially at Brooks Falls in the national park. According to the NPS, about 2200 brown bears inhabit the park and more bears than people live on the Alaska peninsula. This area offers unparalleled opportunities to enjoy viewing these bears in their natural habitat, while not disturbing their life cycles.
  • Photography: For wildlife photography, there couldn’t be a better place in North America.  Up close shots of coastal brown bears, moose, eagles, osprey, fox, porcupines and even wolves are always potential on any given day.

Non Angler Activities