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Best Trout Fishing in Alaska: Where and When

People often ask, "Where is the best trout fishing in Alaska?" It's not just where—it's when. From late September through mid-October in Bristol Bay, you will find the best trout fishing in Alaska, not to mention some incredible char fishing, too The energy felt during this time of year radiates through our entire team. At The Lodge at 58° North, we reside on one of the world's best rainbow trout rivers. Plus, we can access some of the best fly fishing for trout throughout [Read More]

Alaska Salmon Fishing

The Bristol Bay region has some of the best Alaska salmon fishing there is.  We target all 5 species of pacific salmon each summer. Here is a description of each species, when we fish for them, and where we target them. Sockeye Sockeye salmon begin their migration from the salt into fresh water in late June.  Their numbers grow by late June and by the first week of July, millions of sockeye have been caught by commercial nets and entered our area rivers.  The [Read More]


Our Camp We operate a salmon camp on the Nushagak River during peak king and sockeye salmon migration in June and July.  Our camp is located in the upper most tidally effected portion of the Nushagak, near the village of Portage Creek.  Additionally, the camp is a place where our guests start and finish their day. It is a location to get out of the elements if needed, sit by the fire, and enjoy a fantastic lunch.  Furthermore, our camp location is on one [Read More]

Rainbow Trout Alaska

Rainbow trout Alaska fishing during September and October in the Bristol Bay watershed is nothing short of marvelous.  Furthermore, the scenery, spawning sockeye salmon, and gigantic brown bears add to the wonder. Where the Fish go in Fall © Cassie Bergman As the sockeye salmon spawning season approaches it’s second month ( the first spawn starts in early August), the remaining spawning areas are those that come directly from a lake.  These lake-headed streams tend to have consistent flows and water temperatures.  [Read More]

A Visit To Katmai

Guest writer, Jonathan Black, describes his visit to Katmai National Park and Preserve in 2022. The famous brown bears of Katmai National Park & Preserve gave us a warm welcome before we could even set foot on land. Three bears roamed the shores of Katmai as our seaplane descended into the park, blocking our path to deboard. Our group of seven all stretched our necks to see the animals slowly mosey about the shore. It was an important reminder. We were merely [Read More]

Fishing in Alaska: Summer 2023 Openings

Fishing in Alaska is a bucket list experience. At The Lodge at 58* North we operate a small camp on the Nushagak river, were we have two boats waiting and ready to fish at a moment’s notice. Fishing guides are stationed at camp, and guests fly to the Nushagak daily on a 25-minute flight. Our Dehavilland Beaver will fly you down the Naknek River and across Kvichak Bay, where Beluga whales are often seen feeding on sockeye salmon and smelt in the muddy waters [Read More]

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